Engage Everyone

  • Define, measure and track goals and objectives to keep everyone focused
  • Use our collaborative templates to guide and keep everyone aligned
  • Invite others to your session to reach desired outcomes

ReapStream for Education

Deliver learning content, track learning objectives and more...

  • Use the learning template to deliver your learning content
  • Post quizzes to evaluate learning and alignment to lesson objectives
  • Take & share notes with everyone to leverage participants' knowledge
  • See full history of learning content and notes shared from start to finish

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ReapStream is an online collaboration platform that enables student to student, student to teacher, and teacher to teacher collaboration through a shared space in which communication, tests, assignments, discussions, votes and the sharing of documents can take place.

ReapStream for Professional Service Providers

Invite anyone, share content, collaborate and achieve desired outcomes

Collaborate Together, Reap Results

  • Use collaboration templates to guide day-to-day tasks
  • Track, measure and manage goals and performance
  • Share and store all content in One secure space
  • View all communication & collaboration history - start to finish

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We Believe Staying Goal Focused Reaps Results

"Sow and Collaborate, Reap Indefinitely"

With over 25 years combined experience in Education and Business Consulting, the founders have worked together to build the ReapStream goal-focused collaboration application.

Our fundamental goal is to enable you to leverage and tap into the talent of your team so you can distill and reap the results.


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Our goal is to help you collaborate effectively to reap results.